• November 28, 2022

D7.4 – Pre-Feasibility Replication studies

D7.4 – Pre-Feasibility Replication studies

D7.4 – Pre-Feasibility Replication studies 150 150 SunHorizon Project

SunHorizon project aims to demonstrate innovative and reliable heat pump solutions properly coupled with advanced solar panels and thermal energy storage that can provide heating and cooling (H&C) to residential and tertiary buildings.

Specifically, the project designed and developed six different types of technologies:

In general, the innovative heat pump technologies are combined with solar appliances in Technology Packages (TPs) to unlock the potential for a mass-customized, user-friendly and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling. TPs are demonstrated in real buildings in four geographically spread locations in the European Union:

  1. Berlin and Nürnberg in Germany
  2. Sant Cugat del Vallès and Madrid in Spain
  3. Riga in Latvia
  4. The deliverable has been based on the original Belgian demo site. However due to external difficulties, it has been substituted with the demo site in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

D7.4 is part of Work Package 7 (WP7) aimed at outlining innovative pathways for the rapid market replication of solar panels coupled with heat pumps. It also refers to the activities performed in Task 7.3 – ”Pre-feasibility studies in six virtual demonstrators all around Europe via SunHorizon Design Optimized Tool”. Task 7.3 aims to achieve the optimized design and building integration of SunHorizon H&C technologies. Furthermore, this is done by respecting the aesthetic restrictions of the buildings, maximizing the usage of RES and ensuring proper satisfaction of local H&C demand.

The Deliverable aims to present six Pre-feasibility studies of SunHorizon TPs focusing on virtual demonstrators – i.e. buildings of different typologies and located in different climate zones. The study considers a predesign and preliminary assessment of the SunHorizon TPs to evaluate the optimal configuration of SunHorizon innovative technology in six virtual demonstrators for their possible replicability in buildings other than the project pilot sites.

The application of SunHorizon TPs considers technical, legal and economic aspects (i.e., the feasibility of the installations). Partners of Task 7.3 were involved in the assessment of the three above-mentioned aspects. Specifically, CNR/ITAE, CARTIF and BDR for the technical aspects, VEOLIA for the economic aspects and the Ajuntament de Sant Cugat del Vallès for the legal aspects.

Technical activities are performed starting from the Tool developed by RINA-C in Work Package 4, Task 4.3 “Formulation and methods for optimal design under uncertainty of H&C components”. The tool was prepared and tested for both residential and non-residential buildings. In this deliverable, it is applied to the four TPs tested in the real SunHorizon demonstrators:

  • TP1 and TP2 are meant for DHW and heating supply
  • TP3 and TP4 for cooling, heating and domestic hot water supply
Structure of D7.4

The deliverable is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 with the Introduction
  • Section 2 describes the methodological approach
  • Section 3 describes the DUU optimization Tool used for the simulations of the six demonstrator buildings
  • Section 4 focuses on the pre-feasibility studies on the six virtual demonstrator buildings and specifically on:
    • Technical: input data, simulations outcomes from DUU Tool and an example of “design applying a safety factor”
    • Economic: Business Models
    • Legal: results from the EU legal online survey aspects
  • Section 5 draws conclusions from the present deliverable

Feel free to read our Deliverable 7.4 – Pre-Feasibility Replication studies here.

You can find all our other deliverables in the sections dedicated “Project Public Reports“.

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