FAHRENHEIT is the market and technology leader in the field of adsorption cooling. Cooling technology has made considerable progress in recent decades, but the problem of synthetic refrigerants has still not been solved.

In a nutshell, Fahrenheit is a hybrid unit connecting in parallel a thermally driven adsorption chiller, using water (R718) as refrigerant and a vapour compression. Moreover, it improved the technology by adding a new absorber to achieve an efficiency increase up to 40%, new heat exchangers and an improved coating process of the adsorbers.

The FAHRENHEIT cooling solutions represent a milestone on the at to sustainable and climate-friendly cooling.

To further increase the share of sorption technologies for heating and cooling in buildings, Fahrenheit has recently proposed and developed a hybrid sorption / compression chiller. It is available for both residential and industrial applications.

The solution makes it possible to overcome the limitations of sorption chiller technology, which are related to the need for a backup system to produce a cooling effect even when there is no thermal energy to drive the sorption system. The hybrid sorption / compression chiller makes possible to:

  • Increase the share of renewable energy in buildings
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the associated CO2 emissions
  • Decarbonise the H&C sector

Please, discover more on the FAHRENHEIT’s technology here.

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