Riga, Latvia


Demo responsible: Technical University of Riga

Type of building: Small residential. Two single-family-houses (2012/2013) in Imanta and Sunisi.




Heated space

235 m2

96 m2

Electricity consumption

~4.4 MWh/year

~7.2 MWh/year

Gas consumption

~39.6 MWh/year

168.5 kWh/m2

~21 MWh/year

218.8 kWh/m2


Individual gas boiler for DHW and space heating through radiators (Imanta, Sunisi) and under-floor heating (only Sunisi)


Demonstration action:

  • TP2: mixed solar-assisted integration of gas-driven thermal compression heat pump with boiler (Boostheat) for space heating + DHW
  • Hybrid solar PV-T panels (DualSun) to assist BH evaporator and for preheating and for the electricity production for building appliances coupled with glycol storage and stratified thermal storage tank (Ratiotherm)
  • Smart Energy electrical heater for residual PV-T electricity

Technical and social risks & difficulties:

Initial assessment: very limited risk in coupling both innovations (i.e. HP boiler and solar hybrid PV-T).
However, a number of challenges observed during deployment phase:

  • The technologies are unknown to the Latvian market and the installers have limited experience
  • Successful integration of controls requires active involvement of all technology providers
  • Unfamiliarity and precaution of potential end-users to decide swapping their existing ”old, reliable” gas boiler with a completely new technology package consisting of a number of components
  • The new technology package needs much more space compared to the old gas boiler, so the existing boiler rooms were not suited for that and other premises were used
  • The procedure for approval of solar panels was significantly relaxed in Latvia during our deployment phase (now approval of municipality is generally not required)
  • Approval of new gas piping installation time-consuming, long waiting lines of the gas DSO as a result of Covid-related restrictions and a lot of construction work ongoing

Replicability potential:

  • Small residential (single houses 30% in Latvia) with natural gas connection (48% of dwellings in Latvia). New and renovated buildings
  • All climates

    During the last months, SunHorizon partners have been actively engaged in various preparatory works for deployment of SunHorizon technologies in Riga demo site, which is located in Latvia and managed by Riga Technical University (RTU). The demonstration will take place in two single-family residential houses where TP2 is going to be installed. It comprises a […]

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