BDR Thermea(BDR)


BDR Thermea Group aims to develop innovative products and services that save energy and cut carbon emissions and supply them to building owners and users.

The use of solar renewable technologies in addition to heat pumps is one of the most promising hybridisations to achieve the targets of Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB). One of the major issues is the decoupling of the demand and production profiles; especially in those cases like Spain, Italy, Germany, in which feeding self-produced RES power into the grid is not so convenient from an economical perspective. Indeed, the challenge is to improve the efficiency of the system maximising the self-consumption also via P2H schemes of all the energy produced by solar thermal and PV.

Thanks also to the SunHorizon tool, BDR is going to develop and demonstrate an optimally sized and managed “Solar hybrid HP” package. It will considers weather forecast, consumption profile and energy storage capacity, by enhancing the matching of supply/demand and making it predictable and manageable to locally use the whole solar energy self-produced

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