BDR Thermea (BDR)


BDR Thermea Group ‘s mission is to develop innovative products and services that save energy and reduce carbon emissions, and deliver them to building owners and users.

Shortly, BDR Thermeagroup provides two types of reversible HP: brine-water and air-water. Within the project, BDR has improved and optimized the control hardware and software allowing a higher reliability and efficiency improvement.

The use of renewable solar technologies in addition to heat pumps is one of the most promising hybridizations to achieve Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) goals. One of the main problems is the decoupling of demand and production profiles. Especially in countries like Spain, Italy, and  Germany, where feeding self-generated RES electricity into the grid isn’t so favorable from an economic point of view. The challenge is indeed to improve the efficiency of the system and to maximize the self-consumption of all the energy generated by solar thermal and photovoltaic also through P2H schemes.

Also thanks to the SunHorizon tool, BDR will develop and demonstrate an optimally sized and managed “Solar hybrid HP” package. It will take into account the weather forecast, consumption profile and energy storage capacity, by improving the matching of supply and demand, and making the use of all self-generated solar energy on site predictable and controllable.

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