Project Public Reports


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D1.2 – SunHorizon Data Management Plan

D2.2 – Mapping of solar resource and building demand for SunHorizon implementation

D2.3 – Macro-market analysis, value chain and conceptual business model definition

D2.4 – KPIs assessment based methodology

D3.1 – SunHorizon Technologies Catalogue

D4.6 – SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual

D5.1 – Prediction models and demand characterization

D5.2 – Thermal Comfort driven Smart Home End-User Interface

D5.7 – Control platform modules integration and validation

D6.1Report on baseline and boundary conditions of SunHorizon demo sites, including monitoring aspects

D6.4 – First Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

D6.5 – Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

D6.6 – Final Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

D6.7 – SunHorizon Guidelines for TPs installation, operation and control: Lessons learnt from demonstration

D7.1 – SunHorizon Technologies social and market acceptance

D7.2 – SunHorizon Technologies benefit impact in terms of emissions

D7.4 – Pre-FeasibilityReplication studies

D7.5 – E-Handbook with Guidelines for Integration of
SunHorizon Solutions in Public and Private Tertiary Buildings

D8.1 – Public Website and Social Media profile Setup

D8.2 – SunHorizon Leaflet and Poster

D8.3 – Dissemination and stakeholders’ engagement plan

D8.4 – First project video

D8.5 – Report on dissemination and communication activities

D8.6 – First stakeholders’ vision document

D8.6 – First stakeholders’ vision document

D8.7 – Final Stakeholders’ vision document

D8.8 – SunHorizon Positioning Paper and Policy documents

D8.9 –  SunHorizon Promotion for Municipalities towards SEAP objectives achievement 

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