Nürnberg, Germany

Nürnberg (Germany)

Demo responsible: BoostHEAT

Type of building: Multifamily residential (1897). Apartment block with 4 floors (320 m2) near the town center of Nürnberg. Solar energy potential: 50 m2. Existing individual gas boiler per flat supply space heating through radiator circuit, DHW storage withan electric heater. House Energy Label F. Yearly demand: 4 m3 wood, 14 MWh gas, 15 MWh electricity
Demonstration action:

  • TP2, Mixed solar-assisted/ parallel integration: HP boiler (BoostHEAT) for space heating + DHW with existing gas boiler backup; Thermal output from solar hybrid PV-T (DUALSUN) to cover heat demand and to assist BoostHEAT evaporator; PV-T (DUALSUN) electricity production for building appliances.
    HP boiler13 Adsorption chiller Reversible HP Solar thermal PV Thermal E. Storage RES installed14 — 50 kW — 28.5 kW 8.4 kW 5,000 l 71.8 kW
  • Solar panels installation on flat roof and connections to technical room
  • BoostHEAT and tank installation in the technical room
  • Integrated control system for the smart operation of H&C and electrical systems
  • Redesign centralized SH and DHW distribution system for the 4 flats
  • DHW and SH meters per flat for operation costs breakdown
  • High performance in space heating and DHW from solar hybrid PV-T (DUALSUN) and thermal energy storage (RATIOTHERM) + HP boiler (BoostHEAT)
  • Electricity production from solar hybrid PV-T (DUALSUN) increases building self-consumption

Replicability potential:

  • Apartment blocks (and tertiary buildings) with natural gas connection. New and renovated buildings
  • All climates

Technical risks:

  • Very limited risk in coupling both innovations (i.e. HP boiler and solar hybrid PV-T)

Demo Nurnberg

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