TVP Solar aims to beat fossil fuels everywhere with a cheaper, carbon free alternative for thermal processes with super-performing high-vacuum flat solar thermal technology.

Briefly, TVP Solar provides High Vacuum Flat Plate Solar Thermal technology. This is able to achieve extremely high delivering temperature, with the highest efficiency certified by the international standard Solar KeyMark. TVP has improved their absorber material, exit ports design and improvement of safety design and controls.

Combining high-vacuum in a flat box, TVP Solar introduces a radical innovation to solar thermal. It maximises performance while adhering to the construction simplicity and low cost of a conventional flat plate collector. This is achieved via the best transparent insulating material: a high-quality vacuum with internal pressure below 10-3mbar, or “high-vacuum.”

High-vacuum completely suppresses convection losses within the TVP collector, strongly increasing the retention of heat in the absorber. This enhances the overall conversion efficiency of solar radiation into useful thermal energy. Planar layout maximises collector active area and allows the heat transfer fluid to remain entirely within the TVP high-vacuum collector, further improving efficiency.

Thanks to its High Vacuum Solar Thermal technology, TVP Solar is already addressing applications requiring operating temperatures between 100 and 180ºC via the MT-Power panel. MT-Power v4 is the only solar thermal collector in the world certified by international standard Solar KeyMark to operate up to 200°C (Tm-Ta), with high solar-to-thermal efficiency (>50%) and wide installation worldwide. The Solar KeyMark certificate is available under “Optional annex 4”.

TVP is developing a new product line, LT-Power, dedicated to residential (small scale) and commercial (mid-scale) applications. It is based on the related patented IP implemented in MT-Power, and the same high-vacuum technology (how to make, maintain and inspect high-vacuum insulation in flat envelops).

The LT-Power panel

The LT-Power panel, and related newly engineered balance of system, targets mid-scale heating deployments between 75 to 90°C, mainly for countries with low irradiance. It features a novel heat absorber with stagnation limited at 230°C, while maintaining industry-best performance below 100°C. Its output is compliant with both households and district network piping. The LT-Power uniquely provides thermal energy production up to 90°C even in winter periods and cold climates. Moreover, it can serve to heat in winter and cooling in summer driving absorption or adsorption chillers or thermally driven heat pumps.

The new technology aims to work with > 64% peak power efficiency up 90°C. The uniqueness in the performance of this new panel is the ability to provide at least 75°C in winter time, even with limited irradiance and a cold climate (near 0°C). This is the minimum required temperature for traditional household heating radiators.

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