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The SunHorizon project is a “Demonstration-to-market”, which aims to identify the ultimate technical and non-technical barriers to be overcome before the commercialization of the products in 2023-2025.

The project will install SunHorizon TPs in different type of buildings and climates to evaluate climatic and energy market solutions towards Technology Package (TP) techno-economic feasibility assessment. They will test the hardware, smart monitoring and management tools in different contexts and countries.  Indeed, SunHorizon includes eight demonstrators, in nine different buildings. Moreover, a robust and wide EU demonstration campaign will be performed for 18 months to have two compete heating seasons monitored for benchmarking.

Demo sites will be also open for demo visits during SunHorizon Open Days part of the project dissemination plan.

SunHorizon demonstrators will tackle the demonstration of optimised, cost-effective H&C components and their coupling (i.e. technology packages) in different operational (TRL 7) environments across EU:

  • Cold climate (C): Riga (Latvia), Berlin and Nürnberg (Germany)
  • Average climate (A): Madrid (Spain) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • Warm climate (W): San Cugat del Vallès (Spain)

The project will evaluate also different energy market solutions:

  • Small and large scale residential (single house and apartment blocks)
  • Tertiary buildings (public buildings, sport centers)

The spatial distribution of the demo cases, together with the consideration of most common residential and tertiary building typologies, will ensure a swift and straightforward replication of the SunHorizon results all across EU.

SunHorizon TP Solar-HP integration concept Results from simulations
TP1 Parallel integration In Berlin: 32% of primary energy savings, 25% renewable energy ration, and 578 EUR/year cost bills reduction 
TP2 Mixed solar-assisted / parallel integration

In Nurnberg: ~ 22% of primary energy, 31% GHG emissions savings, 15% renewable energy savings, and 32% cost bills reduction

In Riga: : ~37% of primary energy and costs savings. 43% of SCR

TP3 Solar-driven HP for cooling In Sant Cugat ~5-50% of primary energy savings** according to the position (high / medium / low solar zone)
TP4 Mixed solar-assisted / parallel integration In Madrid  ~76% of primary energy and 84% of costs savings, and 37% of SCR
TP5 Mixed solar-driven / parallel integration TP only tested in simulation, in 3 locations and 2 types of buildings (tertiary and apartment building)

** Compared with air handling unit supplied by an old reversible heat pump

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