BoostHEAT is developing its technology with the aim of replacing coal and oil as fuels for H&C systems and increasing energy savings by 2020.

In a nutshell, BoosHEAT provides a gas-driven heat pump consisting of one or more thermal compressors in parallel, fed by a low-NOx burner, and using CO₂ as working fluid. It has improved within the project the compressor operation, the production chain and the software architecture.

BoostHEAT has developed a first promising technological innovation: a unique thermal compressor that uses CO2 as a refrigerant. It is powered by an external point heat source and is currently optimised for gas, just like a conventional boiler or condensing boiler.

Fuelled with natural gas, BoostHEAT boiler will massively replace coal and oil boilers. It will also bring higher efficiency gas boilers to the European building market. This is the largest sector with 40% of total final energy consumption. BoostHEAT is in fact a natural gas-powered heat pump. It consists of a single thermodynamic module with one or more thermal compressors. They are connected in parallel, a heating head, a low NOx burner, a heat exchanger, a CO2 heat pump circuit and a control system.

The BoostHEAT boiler is designed for a wide range of systems from 20 to 250 kW to meet the heating, hot water and cooling needs (145 kWh/(m2 y)), especially for:

  • Single-family houses
  • Communal residential
  • Commercial buildings such as retail shops, offices, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, sports centres


For these purposes, the BoostHEAT solutions consist of two product type:

  • For single or two family house, with an output of 20 kW and combined with a standard condensing boiler (or with solar panels) to meet the energy needs (especially for hot water)
  • For commercial and collective applications, with an output of 50 kW to 250 kW, a thermodynamic CO2 module with six or more thermal compressors

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