Cluj Napoca, Romania

Cluj Napoca (Romania)

Demo responsible: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN)

Type of building: Residential. It consists of students’ dormitories (1977; envelope insulated), including the campus restaurant. The available surface of the roof is 1150 m2.

Demonstration action:

  • TP1, Parallel integration: Thermal output from solar thermal panels (TVP) to domestic hot water (DMW) tank. Together with complementary DHW heat demand supplied partially by a thermal compression heat pump (BoostHeat), and an existing gas boiler to cover non-solar periods
  • Solar panels installed on a flat roof and connections to the boiler room
  • BoostHEAT and thermal energy storage (RATIOTHERM) installation in the boiler room
  • Integrated control system for the smart operation Redesign of the heating and DHW plant

Replicability potential:

  • Possible replication to other 7 dormitories of the University campuses (possible to other universities in Cluj-Napoca)
  • Other large residential buildings
  • Scale-up the existing system to cover the needs of the whole dormitory

Technical risks:

  • Limited risk in coupling innovative technologies
  • Manage the operation of the TP to optimally meet the demand for space heating and domestic hot water
  • Ensure appropriate meters are put in place to facilitate consumption data collection and assess the integrated system’s impact on the building performance

Estimated savings:

  • 180 – 200 MWh/year natural gas reduction, representing about 20 – 25 % of the domestic hot water heat demand


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