• December 16, 2022

TVP demo plant at INES PFE experimental platform

TVP demo plant at INES PFE experimental platform

TVP demo plant at INES PFE experimental platform 150 150 SunHorizon Project

In spring 2021, TVP Solar SA (TVP) shipped to the Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) at the National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) its TVP High Vacuum Flat Plate for performance characterization in an outdoor sun test bench. The calibrated performance model was used afterwards for TP1 semi-virtual tests in T3.7 during the summer of 2021. 

This test is inserted in the framework of WP3 “Pillar 1: SunHorizon enabling technologies”. It aims to optimize and adapt the design of the enabling technologies on which the SunHorizon technology packages (TPs) are based. The specific objectives of WP3 are:

  • To improve the energy performance of the enabling technologies through a careful design review activity. It takes into account the specific features of the proposed technology packages as well as the constraints of demo sites;
  • To experimentally validate in a controlled environment the achievable performance of the newly designed enabling technologies;
  • To deliver manuals with guidelines for installation of each enabling technology in the proposed TPs;
  • To manufacture and commission each enabling technology to be delivered to the demo sites.
    A two step validation will be performed: single technology at each industrial lab and TP at CEA lab.

The INES Plateforme de Formation et Evaluation (PFE) is a well-known association in France. Its goal is to teach and train professionals (building energy system engineers, installers), monitor in-situ installations, and decision-making expertise. It focuses on the design and renovation phases of solar thermal and PV energy in buildings, industry and district heat networks. INES PFE is a separate entity very close to CEA (partner in SunHorizon, and WP6 leader). Both organizations are working in the same office building. 

After the Low-Temperature power (LT) panels tests by CEA in 2021, 20 m² of TVP LT-Power are being integrated as a TVP demo plant by INES PFE experimental platform. Legal aspects and funding decisions about the construction of the platform were considerably delayed by the Covid-19 crisis Thus the installation was finally achieved in early December 2022. Then, the first run and commissioning are just completed on December 15th 2022. 

Pictures below show the 20m² – TVP demo plant during installation in Autumn 2022 and insight of the technical box with hydraulics and control during the commissioning.

Now we are waiting for the cold and sunny days of January to show the high efficiency of the TVP solar thermal plant with the first professional training session!

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