• December 10, 2019

Discover more about our demos in Verviers (Belgium)

Discover more about our demos in Verviers (Belgium)

Discover more about our demos in Verviers (Belgium) 882 640 SunHorizon Project

Name of the interviewee : Jean-Luc Pluymers – Groupement de Redéploiement Economique de Liège (GRE-Liège), Belgium

Demo site ID: 

Location: Verviers, Belgium

Type of building: 

  • Swimming Pool of Verviers – 4500 sq meter (2 swimming pools (one of 25 meters and a small one for children) + sport halls 
  • Hall Moray – Sport center of 1515 sq meters 

Climate: Average Climate

Technologies and partners involved in this demo site:

  • Swimming pool of Verviers: TP2 – Mixed solar assisted / parallel integration: 
    • HP boiler (BoostHeat) for DHW with existing gas boiler as back-up;
    • thermal output from solar hybrid PV-T (DualSun) to cover part of the heat demand from swimming pool and assist evaporator of boostheat for DHW. 
    • PV-T (from DualSun) will be added for electrictity production for local appliances. 
    • RatioTherm will participate as well to the project for the sensible thermal storage.
  • Hall Moray: TP1 – Parallel Integration
    • Thermal output from solar thermal (TVP Solar) to DHW tank with existing gas boiler as back up
    • Complementary DHW heat demand supplied by thermal compression HP
    • RatioTherm with sensible thermal storage.

Date of the demo site visit: December 13, 2018


The Sport Center demo site building (Hall Albert Moray) is a municipal facility (tertiary building) that has different spaces to develop all kinds of sportive activities.
The Albert Moray Sports Centers is a sports complex from 2006 and is located in rue des Chapeliers No. 2 in Ensival. The building has four gyms, where basketball, table tennis, fencing and martial arts can be practised. It also incorporates a cafeteria 

Swimming pool of Verviers: The Verviers swimming pool is located in the beautiful Fabiola park, a stone’s throw from the city centre. With a 25m long and 14m wide, the large neighbouring pool with a smaller and shallower pool, in which young children learn to get used to water.

The swimming pool, whose current building is composed of several distinct areas, has different architectural features. Those differences can be explained by different exploitation according to the zones: the swimming pool, the cloakrooms, the offices, sports halls, technical rooms. 

What are the energy challenges of your demo site?

For both demo sites, the energy challenge is the high energy demand and consumption. For the pool, there is a high level of heat. Current SunHorizon technology (BoostHeat) will not be able to supply all the energy demand.

From a technological point of view, it is planned to install 471 square meters of solar thermal panels on the pool roof, 200 square meters of thermal panels on the Moray Hall, 2 heat pumps of 20KW inside the pool and the Moray Hall and 2 tanks (Rathiotherm) on each of the sites.

Do you see any policy obstacles referred to SunHorizon technologies application, specifically related to the local/national regulations where the demo site is located and, more in general, at EU level?  

The only obstacles for the Sunhorizon technologies are the tendering procedures – if technical specifications are too defined, it is not possible to propose Sunhorizon technologies. There is a need for demonstration and dissemination about those new technology combinations. 

What is your motivation to participate in the project and which is your role?

GRE-Liege is an incubator of new project ideas. Its role is to foster innovation in the region. On top of it, Energy is one of GRE Liege development axis.

GRE-Liege often plays an intermediary role between public authorities located in the province of Liege and other large innovation projects as H2020 Project. It enables public authorities to participate in EU project. The GRE-Liège is very happy to be able to provide its assistance and expertise to municipalities in order to develop such projects.

Which are the expected benefits your company aims to demonstrate in the SUNHORIZON project?

The expected benefit of Sunhorizon is to identify new technologies to support GRE Liege public partners to lower their energy costs 

and be able to replicate the use of the technologies in other public buildings in the future, thus to optimize the energy consumption in public buildings.

Pictures of the demo sites:

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