• December 11, 2019

1st year of the project

1st year of the project

1st year of the project 900 400 SunHorizon Project

Some considerations from our project coordinator

Alessandra Cuneo – RINA Consulting S.p.A.

SunHorizon project started in September 2018 and will run until August 2022 for a total of 48 months. The first year of the project has just ended and a lot of work has been performed in this period from all the project partners.

Some milestones: 

  • The technology package final layout for all the demo has been defined. The different technology providers, together with the other partners, worked in a strong collaborative way to define the best layout for each demo site, based on the single constraints and needs.
  • Each technology provider strongly worked on its specific technology to improve design and efficiency with a decrease of OPEX and CAPEX. First preliminary simulation results of the TP performances were evaluated by TRNYS. SunHorizon TPs will save from 20 to 40 primary energy with a reduction up to 40% GHG emissions.
  • The monitoring platform architecture for the demos is defined, and a pre-monitoring phase will start in March 2020 in Sunisi and Sant Cugat demo sites. Here the full control concepts will be developed and tested. 

During the next phase, the project will focus on the engineering design of the TPs installation in the eight demo sites, together with the tests of the improved technologies at CEA and CNR laboratories. 

The first project results will be presented during the next year Sustainable Places conference (June 2020), together with the first stakeholders workshop. Stay tuned!

Picture of the SunHorizon consortium during the M12 General Assembly.

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