• June 25, 2020

SunHorizon first review meeting

SunHorizon first review meeting

SunHorizon first review meeting 150 150 SunHorizon Project

SunHorizon’s consortium meets the European Commission for the first review meeting of the project

On Thursday 18 June 2020, SunHorizon partners virtually met the Project Officer from INEA for the first Review Meeting to discuss the results of the project, since its launch in October 2018. 

During the first period, the activities within SunHorizon project have been mainly focused on the following points: i) Baseline evaluation of the eight demos including constraints and needs towards the integration of SunHorizon system ii) Preliminary conceptual design of the Technology Packages for the eight demos and preliminary evaluation of their performances via a proper set of KPIs iii) Definition of SunHorizon integrated tool for monitoring and control iv) Transversal activities on business models and macro-market analysis. 

Demo sites: Energy audit has been performed to evaluate the baseline conditions of the eight demos involved. Several on-site visits to the buildings were performed by the partners to understand the best integration of SunHorizon system within the existing H&C system

Enabling technologies: All the technology providers (BoostHeat, Fahrenheit, DualSun, TVP, RatioTherm, BDR) work hard on enhancing their existing products with the aim to increase the performances and reducing operating costs. The technologies are now ready to be tested at laboratory level

Technology Packages integration: Preliminary conceptual design of the TPs relying on dynamic TRNSYS simulation of the new heating system models were defined. Firstly, dynamic simulations were carried out in reference to the building envelope models that provide H&C energy requirements under weather profiles, and usage profiles. Such baseline energy demand configuration was used to develop and size the new H/C/DHW system and to evaluate the energy consumption. From the simulation results, SunHorizon TPs will be able to reduce up to 70% the primary energy savings and up to 0% the GHG emissions. 

Monitoring and control: Transversal activities on the development of the cloud monitoring platform and the control strategies to be applied in the demos have been performed. Moreover, a preliminary version of the SunHorizon app for the Thermal comfort evaluation is now ready for receiving feedback from the end-users. The monitoring and control tool will be ready in one year to be deployed in all the eight demo sites.

What’s next?

The next period of the project will be key to the demonstration phase. In fact, the different enabling technologies and their integration in the Technology Packages will be tested at laboratory before the installation in the eight demo sites, which will include also the deployment of the control tool. 

We are really happy that the project is running smoothly and we want to thank all the people involved in it. We look forward to the future of the SunHorizon project and we cannot wait to meet our partners again!

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