• September 10, 2020

Material from the solar workshop

Material from the solar workshop

Material from the solar workshop 1024 512 SunHorizon Project

Thank to all the participants of the SunHorizon solar stakeholders workshop, held on the 10th of September 2020.

You can find all the presentations and video of the session below.


10:00 Welcome speech by Serena Scotton (European Heat Pump Association)
10:05 SunHorizon project presentation by Alessandra Cuneo (RINA Consulting S.p.A) presentation
10:10 Presentation of the project preliminary results and workshop goals by David Chèze (CEA-INES) presentation
10:25 SunHorizon technologies and WP3 presentation by Andrea Frazzica (CNR) presentation

SunHorizon Solar technologies:
10:40 Presentation of hybrid PV-T solar technology by Jean- Marie Drap (DualSun) presentation
10:55 Presentation of high vacuum solar thermal technology by Guglielmo Cioni (TVP Solar) presentation

External speakers:
11:10 R&I solar policy insights by Pedro Dias (Solar Heat Europe) presentation
11:25 Solar PV and thermal cooling by Daniel Mugnier (TECSOL / IEA SHC) presentation


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