• June 16, 2021

Insights from the demo site in Madrid

Insights from the demo site in Madrid

Insights from the demo site in Madrid 652 408 SunHorizon Project

Madrid demo site is a social housing building located in central Madrid in Tres Peces street. The building, built in 1948, was originally a police station and dungeons consisting of just one floor above ground. In the middle of the 20th century, it was refurbished achieving the configuration that currently exists with nine apartments, distributed on five floors.

In 2017, an unfavorable Technical Building Inspection report was carried out requiring immediate reparation of several technical aspects. For this reason the EMVS promoted a retrofitting project consisting mainly in improving the envelope (insulation, facade, windows, roof), the structure and the accessibility (ground floor, elevator, etc.)

In 2018, the building was selected as a Demonstrator for the SUNHORIZON European Project. The intervention would warrantee the renovation of the HVAC systems, which go from being individual to centralized, and the integration of renewal energy systems.

The objective would be to contribute to the technological development that allows a more efficient management of energy to supply space heating and cooling and domestic hot water through the coupling and optimization of innovative solutions of heat pumps with advanced solar collection technologies.

The technology package selected for Madrid demo site was TP4:

Due to the implementation  of two retrofitting projects, one focused on the passive elements, and the other focused on the HVAC systems (SunHorizon) of the building, both with different execution plans and in order to maximize the efficiency of the works and minimize the impact on the neighbours, the execution of the SunHorizon intervention was split into two phases:

The first phase, which included both the installation of the Climate, DHW and Ventilation equipment inside the dwellings, as well as the hydraulic vertical distribution. It was carried out in parallel to the Passive renovation. The works began in June 2019 and ended in March 2021.

And the second phase, which included the installation of the SunHorizon equipment, solar field, hydraulic, electrical and control system and commissioning.

At the present time, the tender procedure to select the main contractor to execute the second phase of the SunHorizon project has been finalized, and the shipment of the equipment to the demo is being organized with the technical partners of the project. The start of the works is planned for the beginning of July with expected completion at the end of September, when it is foreseen the beginning of the energy service supply and the collection and analysis of the data.

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