• June 12, 2019

Discover more about our demo sites in Germany

Discover more about our demo sites in Germany

Discover more about our demo sites in Germany 1024 768 SunHorizon Project

Interview to Steven Paupe from BoostHEAT.

Demo site ID: 

Location: Berlin and Nuremberg (Germany)

Type of building:  

Nuremberg : 4 family residential housing (320m²), built in 1897 with limestone and brick
Berlin : 220m² house constituted of 2 apartments

Climate: temperate

Technologies and partners involved in this demo site: 

Nuremberg : Thermal CO2 heat pump (BoostHEAT), hybrid PV/T panels (DualSun), stratified thermal storage tank (Ratiotherm), monitoring (Schneider Electric), data collection (Checkwatt), modelling of the system (CEA)

Berlin : Thermal CO2 heat pump (BoostHEAT), High-Vacuum Flat Solar Thermal Panels (TVP solar), stratified thermal storage tank (Ratiotherm), monitoring (Schneider Electric), data collection (Checkwatt), modelling of the system (CEA)

Date of the demo site visit: 18 & 19 February 2019

Presentation of the demo site:

Two demo sites have been identified by BOOSTHEAT in order to implement SUNHORIZON’s technologies package in Germany : 

  • One in Berlin in a multifamily residential housing of 220m²
  • Another one in Nuremberg in a 4 family residential housing of 320m²

In Berlin, the house is composed of 2 apartments, near the city centre. From the visit, we didn’t identify any incompatibility with the future technologies integration and installation in the site. 
The narrow access to the basement can be an obstacle, but the technology partners already foresaw solutions on how to get in and set-up their technologies.

In Nuremberg, the house is constituted of 4 equal apartments (one per floor level), located near the city centre. The integration of all the technologies looks well established, but first we have to evaluate the structural integrity of the roof, in order to define the maximal weigh for the solar panels. 

What are the energy challenges of your demo site?

The two projects have high ambition in term of reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduction, while increasing the comfort level from centralized heat and DHW. The installation of the technologies in the two demo sites (DualSun, BOOSTHEAT, Ratiotherm, TVP solar…) have to be firmly fixed and easy to maintain, in order to have fewer and cheaper maintenance activities. 

Do you see any policy obstacles referred to SunHorizon technologies application, specifically related to the local/national regulations where the demo site is located and, more in general, at EU level?  

No specific policy obstacles have been identified regarding the application of SunHorizon technologies, but we will have to pay attention to the chimney and its maintenance at commissioning (common)while designing the installation/integration of these new technologies.

What is your motivation to participate in the project and which is your role?

BOOSTHEAT is very motivated to play a role in in these 2 demos, in order to demonstrate the use of its technology in Germany, as we can learn for the application of our system solutions in future German projects and make good reference for future German’s projects and demonstrate the benefits of using different renewable energy systems and covering the energy demand with RES. 

We decided to take part in the SunHorizon project to explore these opportunities with other companies located all around Europe, which makes this a unique opportunity on technological and professional level.

Which are the expected benefits your company aims to demonstrate in the SUNHORIZON project?

BOOSTHEAT aims at demonstrating that thermal CO2 heat pumps can cover the entire energy demand of a house, with the best energy efficiency as possible. 

Pictures from the demo sites

Berlin (Germany)

Nuremberg (Germany)

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