• May 6, 2019

Discover more about our demo site in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons (Spain)

Discover more about our demo site in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons (Spain)

Discover more about our demo site in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons (Spain) 420 306 SunHorizon Project

Interview to Pierre Koenig from BDR Thermea (France), demo site coordinator of Sant Llorenç d’Hortons, Spain.

Demo site ID: 

Location: Sant Llorenç d’Hortons, Barcelona, Spain
Type of building: Single-family house, built in 2002, 204 m² (main floor: 120m², second floor 39m², basement 45m²)
Climate: Mediterranean (Köppen climate classification: Csa, with mild winters and hot summers)
Technologies and partners involved in this demo site:
BDR Thermea for systems providing:
Reversible Heat Pump – Thermal panels – Photovoltaic panels – Storage tank;
Schneider Electric for monitoring;
Checkwatt for data collection;
CEA for modelling of the system;
Date of the demo site visit: 19th December 2018

Presentation of the demo site:

The Sant Llorenç d’Hortons demo site is a single-family house, in which there is an already working hybrid system installed, composed by an Air/Water Heat Pump (HP) connected to an oil boiler. 
This system will be replaced by a new Air to Water Heat Pump, and a Thermal & Photovoltaic solar field of 6 m² that will supply the heat pump.
The visit of the demo site (organised on the 19th December 2018), offered the opportunity to check the space availability in the technical room, analyse the solar potential of the roof. In that occasion, we highlighted some constraints and we were able to draw the existing hydraulic circuit. 
Nevertheless, this was an excellent opportunity to exchange information among SunHorizon partners and with the owner of the house.
The exchanges were rewarding.

What are the energy challenges of this demo site?

Since the owner would like to keep both the current boiler and the electrical generator as backup, the challenge will be to cover all yearlong the energy demand of the house, by using renewable energies and an easy controller, ensuring a pleasant indoor comfort for the users. 
However, the Heat Pump efficiency and the solar panels production are directly linked to the weather conditions – we have to consider this variable.

Do you see any policy obstacles referred to SunHorizon technologies application, specifically related to the local/national regulations where the demo site is located and, more in general, at EU level?  

The temperature of distribution of sanitary water is related to the legionella legislation, hence high temperature needs to be generated by the heat pump.
The policies and subsidies for self-production of electricity using the photovoltaic panels depend on the Spanish legislation, constantly evolving.
European regulation on CO2 emission “F-Gas (EU 517/2014)” drives the growing heat pump market, with a phase-out of refrigerant with Global Warming Potential (GWP) too high.

What is your motivation to participate in the project and which is your role?

The main role of BDR Thermea in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons demo site is to provide the systems: thermal panels combined to a reverse Heat Pump for DHW / central heating and cooling, that will be powered by the electricity produced on site by the PV field (installed on the roof of the house). 
As demo site coordinator, BDR Thermea is also leading a working group with CEA research institute, and companies in the controls field (Schneider Electric and Checkwatt).
BDR is taking part also in another SunHorizon demo sites, in which is providing Heat Pumps and working in collaboration with other companies, such as DualSun and Ratiotherm, for the solar production and thermal storage.

BDR Thermea is motivated to demonstrate the benefits of using different renewable energy systems and cover the energy demand with RES. 
We decided to take part in SunHorizon project to explore these opportunities with other companies located all around Europe, which makes this a unique opportunity on human and professional level.

Which are the expected benefits your company aims to demonstrate in the SUNHORIZON project?

BDR aims at demonstrating that a heat pump can cover the entire energy demand of a house: all along the year, by providing domestic hot water and heating or cooling.

Pictures from the demo site visit

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