• June 28, 2022

D7.7 – Report on standardization and non-technical barriers

D7.7 – Report on standardization and non-technical barriers

D7.7 – Report on standardization and non-technical barriers 150 150 SunHorizon Project

The SunHorizon project combines heat pump technologies with solar appliances in different technology packages. The goal is to unlock the potential for a mass-produced, easy-to-use and cost-effective custom solution for heating and cooling (H&C).

The Technology Packages (TPs) will be demonstrated in four geographical areas in 6 demo sites across Europe.

Deliverable 7.7 is confidential. It analyses people’s perceptions of heat pump and solar thermal integration as potential turnkey technologies of the new H&C sector and the consequent aspects that may limit the market entry of these technologies and how to overcome these possible barriers. In particular, these aspects are explored by the SunHorizon six technology providers, and from the internal and external points of view of the project.

The deliverable gathered information using a four-step approach:

  • A literature review
  • A review of previously submitted useful project deliverables
  • A survey of the six projects’ technology providers
  • A second survey of other consortium partners and external stakeholders

Most of the respondents to the second survey were not involved in the SunHorizon project, people with many years of experience and working in the energy consulting or equipment manufacturing sector.

Moreover, the main families of recognized standards for SunHorizon component technologies appear to be part of the groups of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Standard (EN). Regarding solar collectors and heat pumps, the main certification schemes are Solar and Heatpump KeyMark, while on the labeling side there are EU Ecolabel, Solergy label and A + label package.

Finally, the Report identified the main non-technical factors that can limit the entry of TPs into the market and how these limitations could be overcome through specific strategies.

Please, can find the other deliverables in the website section dedicated to them here.

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