• December 7, 2022

D6.5 – Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

D6.5 – Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

D6.5 – Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities 150 150 SunHorizon Project

In general, SunHorizon demonstrates up to TRL 7 innovative, reliable, cost-effective coupling of solar and heat pump technologies. Indeed, it addresses three main research pillars that interact with each other towards project objectives achievement, demonstration and replication:

  1. Optimized design, engineering and manufacturing of SunHorizon technologies
  2. Smart functional monitoring for heating & cooling (H&C)
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) driven management and demonstration

T2.4 established a list of indicators to assess the performances of SunHorizon standalone technology and combined packages during their operational phase and for the simulation scenarios to achieve project objectives. In order to calculate these KPIs, within WP4 a proactive KPI-based tool has been developed, which automatically calculates the KPIs of each demo site.

In particular, the D6.5 conducts a review of monitoring data production, collection and operation summary reports of the SunHorizon installed Technology Packages in the cases of Madrid and Sant Cugat (Spain), and Riga – Sunisi and Riga – Imanta (Latvia). Moreover, it reports monitoring and operation summaries (KPIs). In general, the document shows the operation summary of the demos over the past months (summer period) and detects ways to improve the data collection and control of the Technology Packages. 


The deliverable is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 with the Introduction
  • Section 2 describes the methodological approach
  • Section 3 shows Sant Cugat demo site
  • Section 4 focuses on Madrid demo site
  • Section 5 explains Riga – Imanta demo site
  • Section 6 describes Riga – Sunisi demo site
  • Section 7 draws conclusions from the present deliverable

Feel free to read our Deliverable 6.5 – Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities here.

You can find all our other deliverables in the sections dedicated “Project Public Reports“.

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