• November 28, 2022

D4.6 – SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual

D4.6 – SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual

D4.6 – SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual 150 150 SunHorizon Project

The D4.6 “SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual” is a technical communication document. Indeed, it aims to give assistance to people on how to use some tools and how to use a product safely, effectively and efficiently, and also to create a better user experience.

This Integrated Tool Manual aims to provide a general description and a guide to the use of each tool developed in the SunHorizon project:

  • iDashboard from iScan
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Design under uncertainty
  • Feedback app
  • Decision support tool
  • Dashboard in EcoStruxure

A user manual consists of textual visual information (e.g., illustrations, screenshots, tables etc.) to assist the user in completing specific tasks. It contains both procedural information (step-by-step instructions) and conceptual information needed to understand how to approach, to use and to manage the tools and their related issues.

Looking at the structure of the instructional manual we can distinguish blocks and sections, each of them with its characteristics, communicative purposes and consequent complexity. Furthermore, each section explains the procedure to obtain the suggested correct use of the integrated tool.

The communicative intention of the manual is therefore to facilitate the relationship between the user and the Integrated Tool to get the user maximum satisfaction by taking advantage of its functionality. Indeed, the manual gives a series of instructions with the aim of suggesting a certain behaviour (which results in a series of actions) to obtain optimal functioning.

Feel free to read our Deliverable D4.6 – SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual here.

You can find all our other deliverables in the sections dedicated “Project Public Reports“.

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