Members of the consortium

Participant organisation name: RINA Consulting SpA
Participant short name: RINA-C

Description of the organisation

RINA is a global corporation that provides engineering and consultancy services, as well as testing, inspection and certification across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors through a global network of 170 offices in 65 countries. Through its 3.700 talented professionals, RINA provides a wide range of high quality tailored solutions aiming to back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects. All RINA services are performed at the highest professional level, understanding and complying with Client’s needs and requirements while taking into due consideration sustainability and health, safety and environmental targets.

RINA will be mainly involved in the project through its operational company RINA Consulting S.p.A.. As the engineering consultancy division of the RINA Group, RINA Consulting S.p.A. provides a wide range of services covering the whole project life cycle from feasibility and specialized technical studies to conceptual and detailed design, prototyping and testing, project management, site engineering as well as operation and maintenance management. Working alongside Clients, as a trusted technical partner, RINA Consulting S.p.A. provides a wide range of traditional and innovative services to critical industry sectors, including oil & gas, power, renewables, space & defence, transport & infrastructure sectors. As such, RINA Consulting S.p.A. offers high-end services to investors, promoters, operators and contractors, as well as to insurers and public administrations, to support their initiatives. Innovation is a key element in all our projects; RINA Consulting S.p.A. has a proven experience in helping its clients in developing their new products and services as well as managing their collaborative innovation processes.

This project particularly impacts RINA’s energy business, which helps support the sustainable growth of operators throughout the world to meet growing market demands in oil and gas, power generation (conventional, renewables and power grids) including environmental protection. The company provides a vast array of engineering and consultancy, testing, inspection and certification services, dedicated to all players of the sector, helping operators to meet sustainability targets as well as ensuring compliance to the highest standards of engineering and construction.

The key qualifications and expertise associated with the project tasks are:

  • Balance of Plant definition and design of innovative energy systems
  • Construction sites permitting best practices
  • Health and Safety Analysis of Hazardous Process
  • Technology Transfer of promising innovation (research to market)
  • Integrated Logistic Studies and Environmental analysis

Role in the Project

PROJECT COORDINATOR, Exploitation Manager, development of the web based geo referred logistic decision support tool, website realization, liaison with the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) for the promotion of the use of FC gensets in construction sector, business model and replicability studies, definition of monitoring KPI panel.
RINA-C will be the WP1,WP6 and WP8 leader.



Participant organisation name: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy
Participant short name: VTT

Description of the organisation
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company established by law and operating under the ownership steering of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT’s activities are focused on three areas: Knowledge intensive products and services, Smart industry and energy systems, and Solutions for natural resources and environment. VTT is impact-driven and from its wide multitechnological knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders. VTT has a staff of 2192, net turnover in 2015 was 157,9M€ and other operational incomes were 92,6M€. VTT is ranked among the leading European RTOs.
In the business area Solutions for natural resources and environment, VTT has a team of 20 scientists specialized in process engineering and sustainability, with 20-30 years of experience. Researchers in the field of sustainability assessment are experts in in LCA and evaluating sustainability of products, technologies and processes within various industrial sectors. The scientist have actively taken part in international projects (FP6, FP7; Horizon 2020) and international method development such as ISO-standardization in the fields of LCA carbon footprint, water footprint, eco-efficiency and social responsibility. VTT has developed and maintains commercially available SULCA software for LCA, carbon and water footprint calculations.
VTT’s fuel cell research supports the industry in its product development by maintaining a large selection of research facilities, a selection of developed modeling tools and know-how encompassing different technologies throughout the entire business chain. The main research areas today are PEMFC and SOFC including systems, applications, demonstrations, stacks, components and materials.International fuel cell activities in IEA and FCH JU:

  •  IEA AFC IA: sponsoring organization, member of executive committee, operating agent of annex 32 (SOFC), member of annex 33 (stationary)
  • EERA Fuel Cells and Hydrogen joint program: member of steering group & coordinator of systems sub-program
  •  FCH JU: member of Research Grouping, member of scientific committee

VTT has a professional EU team which supports researchers working in the EU funded projects in all financial and administrative aspects of the project.
Role in the Project

  • VTT will lead the WP 5 Logistics and Environmental Analysis and is responsible for conducting LCA
  • VTT will perform beginning of life (BoL) and end of life (EoL) characterization for the large (100 kW) systems using both DC loads and AC loads.
  • VTT will be active in 25 kW gensets design particularly for the development of an innovative ejector solution



Participant organisation name: Powercell Sweden AB
Participant short name: PCS

Description of the organisation
Powercell Sweden AB was formed to commercialize the fuel cell technology which had been developed within the Volvo group over the past 20 years. In 2009 Powercell became an independent company with a strong new ownership structure still with Volvo as the principal owner. Today PowerCell Sweden AB is listed on First North on Nasdaq Stockholm.
Powercell’s mission is to develop and commercialize fuel cell stacks and complete environmentally friendly fuel cell based electric power generators for stationary and automotive application. Today Powercell employs approximately 50 people.
The company has a stack manufacturing plant as well as state-of-the-art fuel cell R&D laboratories in Gothenburg. The first commercially available fuel cell stack platform has been available since the end of 2011.
Role in the Project

  • Delivering 8 fuel cell stacks to the project (4-MS25 and 4-100 MS)
  • Carrying out part of the fuel cell testing in laboratory environment
  • Providing specifications for improved BoP components



Participant organisation name: Genport srl Spinoff del Politecnico di Milano
Short organisation name: GENP

Description of the organisation
Genport srl makes advanced hybrid power sources for extreme environments suitable in defense, emergency, telecommunication, agriculture, electro-medical, industrial applications. The company has the headquarters in Italy at the Vimercate Technology Park and its US subsidiary, Genport North America Corp. in Commerce (CA).
The team of GENPORT has a long-term experience in the field of Lithium Ion Batteries and Fuel Cell/Hydrogen technologies from research to the industrial solution with a strong international scientific activity (100 scientific publications and 10 patents); 20 years in international and national programs focused on improving durability, performance of fuel cells. Genport has acquired extensive experiences in designing and manufacturing high-end lithium ion smart battery systems for portable application to stationary storage. The further combination of ion lithium batteries with hydrogen-powered fuel cells is enabling us to design resilient, lightweight, zero impact power solutions to extend runtime of the electronics with the lowest total cost of ownership.
Role in the Project
Genport is WP2 leader and it is 25 kW FC Genset system integrator aiming to developing a cost-competitive Balance of Plant and integrated Advance Control Strategies.



Participant organisation name: Swiss Hydrogen SA
Participant short name: SHSA

Description of the organisation
Swiss Hydrogen design an produce highly efficient, compact and light weight PEM Fuel Cell systems Swiss Hydrogen SA is the Swiss leader in PEM fuel cell technologies. We dimension, conceive, design, manufacture, assemble and integrate hydrogen technologies for numerous applications, such as electrical vehicles and small to large stationary power plants. We are a highly skilled and motivated team united by our conviction that the future requires us to move to a cleaner, more-sustainable way of doing things. We believe that hydrogen will play an important role in enabling this transition and that we can make a difference by developing quality products that let end users take advantage of hydrogen’s potentials. We consider the expanded use of hydrogen will help to significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and will likewise permit us to slash our greenhouse emissions.
We count among our recent realizations unique projects such as the integration of a 100kW FC system for the first Hydrogen truck in Switzerland, the installation of a complete hydrogen chain on a 100tons solar powered boat, a 10kW range extender kit to double the autonomy of the Renault Kangoo Z.E, and a 300kW FC system used in a grid management project.

In December 2017, Swiss Hydrogen has been fully acquired by Plastic Omnium.

Role in the Project

SHSA is WP3 Leader. The main tasks of Swiss Hydrogen in the EveryWh2ere project include:

  • Design, assembly and testing of the fuel cell subsystems: anode, cathode and cooling
  • Development, testing, delivery and maintenance of fuel cell system
  • Layout of FC system to meet specific technical requirements such as high durability (20000 hrs at project end) and availability (>97%)
  • Layout and Safety features of the complete containers installation
    – Definition of ATEX zones
    – Ventilation system
    – H2 detection: the container is equipped with H2 sensors which trigger an emergency stop of the fuel cell system and closing of the solenoid valves above a specific H2 concentration.
    – Gas Venting of the fuel cell system
    – Risk analysis
  • Specification of improved BoP components
  • Housing solution design and integration
  • Sales support


Participant organisation name: MAHYTEC SARL
Participant short name: MAHY

Description of the organisation
Established in 2008 in France in the city of Dole, MAHYTEC develops hydrogen tanks based on two technologies. In the pressurized gas solutions, the hydrogen gas is stored in a polymer liner reinforced by a carbon fiber composite material in order to withstand high pressure. These light, Type IV tanks can store hydrogen for all kind of applications.
Its product range extends from big volume 30 bar tanks for stationary applications through 525bar tanks for gas transportation and is also able to provide 700bar tanks. MAHYTEC also offers solid storage in the form of metal hydride tanks. In this case the hydrogen is stored in a powder made of metallic alloys absorbing hydrogen. Metal hydrides developed by MAHYTEC work at room temperature and low pressure . Thanks to its large scope of knowledge, MAHYTEC can also supply complete system that integrated hydrogen generation and its conversion in electricity for back up energy systems.
Role in the Project
MAHYTEC will supply compressed hydrogen storage at 350bar for the 25 and 100KW FC Gensets. The tanks developed for gas transportation will be used and integrated in the Genset to work at a pressure of 350bar.



Participant organisation name: Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón
Participant short name: FHA

Description of the organisation
The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon is a private non – profit organization promoted by the Regional Government, other public bodies and private companies. Currently the Board of the Foundation is formed by more than seventy stakeholders belonging to all the economy sectors: automotive, chemistry, power generation, financial, educational, engineering, research and development centers and real estate.
Its team of young professionals performs R&D as well as consultancy projects, in cooperation or assisting local and national companies.
Over the last ten years, FHA has been supporting the regional strategy for the uptake of H2 and FC technologies, publishing the Hydrogen Master Plan in Aragón (2007-2010, 2011-2015 and 2016-2020), and showcasing the whole hydrogen chain (production, management and efficient use), obtaining the primary energy from renewable sources by means of processes currently available (photovoltaic and wind).
The facilities include hydrogen production means (PEM as well as alkaline electrolyzers), storage, dispensing and final use in fuel cells, including vehicles (BEV and FCEV).
More than 1.000 people visit yearly the FHA premises, mainly from schools and universities, hence contributing to the wider awareness and dissemination to the society.
Role in the Project
FHA will lead the WP7 –  Dissemination, Stakeholders and Public Opinion Engagement.
It will be the demonstration responsible for the use of 25kW+100 kW FC genset in events in Spain.



Participant organisation name: Delta1 gUg (haftungsbeschränkt)
Short organisation name: D1

Description of the organisation
Green Music Initiative (GMI) is a pan European cross sectoral think-do-tank for the live entertainment industry. It is run by legal entity NGO Delta1 gUG and headquartered in Germany. With activities in 27 European countries GMI and its partner festivals reach out to more than 3,5 Million young Europeans every year. GMI provides a platform for the music and entertainment industry to coordinate projects in the fight against climate change – with the objective to create demand for innovative and sustainable strategies – both from the climate and business points of view.
GMI’s activities span from the development of an Energy Management System for the Eurovision Song Contest over the setup and operation of a programme for capacity building in Energy Efficiency understanding in the Live Entertainment and Event sector to the publishing of studies and handbooks on Sustainability in the industry. In the last 8 years since its establishment GMI has worked regularly with public and private bodies like the European Commission, ministries for environment and energy, foundations, scientific institutes and international networks and associations.
Role in the Project
Demonstration responsible for the use of 25kW+100 kW FC genset in EU music festivals
H2CORNER Developer, replication and business model analysis for what it concerns event industry.



Participant short name: ENVI

Description of the organisation
Environment Park is a scientific and technological park which aims to promote the development of applied environmental research and facilitate the integration of environmental variables and factors into the production processes, bringing the worlds of research and business together. Environment Park supports technological research and innovation at system level, to foster the transfer of such contents to small and medium enterprises and to support the development of new laboratories.
In 2009 the company started the management of an Innovation Cluster, a new Regional-funded initiative where more than 250 companies are involved for the Industrial Research Projects in the field of Hydrogen and Sustainable building: the initiative is called Polight. Since 2009 Polight has funded projects for a total budget of over 20 M€ (11 M€ of public funding).
Since 2016 PIEDMONT Region started the new program on Innovation and Clean Energy Technologies Cluster (named CLEVER which Envipark is the managing entity.
Advanced Energy is one of the main experimental sectors of EnviPark and is devoted to the production and storage of electrical energy using alternative, high-efficiency technologies. It is a centre for the development and testing of the latest generation batteries and hydrogen-based fuel cells and systems.

Role in the Project
Contributes in WP 1_ FC Gensets Specifications: ENVI will participate in the demonstration strategy definition, development of guidelines and roadmaps for the definition of key demo activities; in WP2 and WP3_ System Integration and Prototype Realization from FC and Storage enabling technologies: support in the finalization and design of gensets specifications; in WP6_ Business Models, Regulatory Framework and Route for Replication with also the involvement of IREN (Energy Utility/end user, as ENVIPARK linked third party).
Coordination of WP4_ Demonstration and Monitoring: ENVI will validate at his facility the 25 kW gensets. During all the duration of the WP ENVI will coordinate all the DEMO sites and will take in care the main temporary events in Italy, during some events there will be also the support of IREN spa and ENERGIA (as ENVI linked third party). For each events (with the cooperation of RINA-C) ENVI will assess the results from the overall picture, estimating the KPIs defined in WP1.
Contributes in WP7_ Dissemination, Stakeholders and Public Opinion Engagement: dissemination of the system inside the Cluster coordinated by Envipark (250 companies) and with the main stakeholders interested gensets: municipalities/cities (where the technologies could be tested and installed), Energy Utilities, Manufacturers and final users. Organization of a workshop at EnviPark headquarter in order to present the advantages of the technologies with the main actors.



Participant organisation name: ACCIONA CONSTRUCCION
Participant short name: ACC

Description of the organisation
Company description
ACCIONA is a large construction company specialized in construction, engineering and concessions (transport and hospitals). It has an international presence in more than 30 countries employing 15,000 people. It is part of ACCIONA Group, whose business lines are Construction, Energy, Water, Real State, Urban-Environmental Services, Logistic and Transport. ACCIONA Construction covers the whole range of construction, from engineering to the performance of works and their later maintenance, and also the management of public works concessions, particularly in the field of transport and social infrastructures.
ACCIONA is actively involved in far-reaching R&D and Innovation aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its activities and taking care of the surroundings wherever it operates. ACCIONA uses cutting-edge technology to develop and apply the most advanced materials, systems and solutions for sustainability and in particular for energy efficient construction and operation. ACCIONA has its own R&D Technological Centre in Madrid, composed by a multidisciplinary team of about 140 qualified researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Main research areas are Nanotechnology, New Construction Materials, Products and Systems, ICTs, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Technologies.
ACCIONA encourages the adoption of ambitious global objectives to reduce emissions and the implementation of projects, products and services that contribute to decreasing greenhouse gases (GHG), facilitating access to renewable energy, to water and environmentally sustainable infrastructures and promoting energy savings. Moreover, in order to minimize the generation of waste and the use of natural resource, ACCIONA incorporates in its activity all those methodologies, processes, technologies and best practices benchmark for management, reuse and recycling of those materials used. EVERYWH2ERE project is in line with goals, and it can contribute to enhance the sustainability within construction works.
Role in the Project
ACCIONA will provide requirements for the development of the solution based on the energy needs of the construction works. ACCIONA will test and validate the prototype developed in EVERYWHERE in two of its construction sites.



Participant organisation name: ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH
Participant short name:ICLEI ES

Description of the organisation
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) is a global network of 1,500 cities dedicated to sustainable development. ICLEI’s European Secretariat (ICLEI Europe) is based in Freiburg. ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH (non-profit) is an independent legal entity, but part of the global organisation of ICLEI that is based on membership. ICLEI has observer status with the UNFCCC and is an active Covenant of Mayors Supporter – in which capacity it shares information, mobilizes and facilitates the exchange of energy /climate relevant experiences between local governments.
The sharing of experiences and replication of good examples forms a solid foundation for ICLEI’s activities. ICLEI Europe provides technical consulting, training, events and (online) information and communication services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local and regional governments in the implementation of sustainable development.
For more information see ;
Role in the Project
Contributing to Task 3.7 – Monitoring of operational results and benchmarking for temporary events and leading Task 5.5 – City policies for the support of the marketability of EVERYWH2ERE Solutions Task 6.2 – Stakeholders engagement for future marketability of EVERYWH2ERE concept.



Participant organisation name: Linde Gas Italia S.r.l.
Participant short name: Linde

Description of the organisation
Production and distribution of technical gases (like hydrogen), plants and equipment for the application and use of technical gases (hydrogen). Linde Gas Italia is a leading company in Italy for the construction and operation of hydrogen production and distribution plants; Linde Gas Italia has built and is operating and maintaining the only two Hydrogen Refuelling stations with integrated production for vehicles which are in operation in Italy (ATM Milano for Fuel Cells buses refuelled with hydrogen @ 350 bar; IIT Bolzano for Fuel Cells buses refuelled with hydrogen @ 350 bar and Fuel Cells cars refuelled @ 700 bar). Linde Gas Italia has built and operated a Hydrogen refuelling Station in Panchià (TN) for Trentino Trasporti, for the refuelling of hydrogen Fuel Cells Buses@ 350 bar. Linde Gas Italia is managing hydrogen refuelling operation for Fuel Cells powered submarines in different European and non-European Countries
Linde Gas Italia is a member of the Italian Hydrogen Association (H2IT) and of the Italian Hydrogen Mobility Initiative (Mobilità Idrogeno Italia), both working at different levels to promote and develop the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in stationary and mobile applications.
Role in the Project
Hydrogen production and delivery, development of suitable refuelling systems, equipment and logistic infrastructure in order to refuel hydrogen to the 25 kW and 100 kW Fuel Cells Gen-sets.
Contribution to the definition of the Gen-sets specifications, system integration and realization. Logistic evaluation and definition, regulatory framework evaluation, dissemination, stakeholders and public opinion engagement. Organization and management of the refuelling operations to the FC Gen Sets during the 24 months demonstration period.



Third Parties

ENVI PARK third party
IREN spa, a Multiutility Company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, operates in the sectors of electricity (production, distribution and sale), thermal energy for district heating (production and sale), gas (regasification, distribution and sale), the management of integrated water services, environmental services (collection and disposal of waste) and energy services.
Iren is structured as an industrial parent company with its main corporate offices in Reggio Emilia, operating units in Genoa, Parma, Piacenza, and Torino, and separate companies in charge of the individual business lines. Iren S.p.A. handles strategic, development, coordination and monitoring activities, while the four operating companies ensure the coordination and development of the four business lines:

  • Iren Energia in the electricity and heat energy production sector and the technological services sector;
  • Iren Mercato as regards the sale of electricity, gas and district heating;
  • IRETI in the gas and electricity distribution business and in the integrated water service;
  • Iren Ambiente in the waste collection, in the design and management of waste treatment and disposal plants and in the renewable energies sector.

Iren Energia core businesses are the production and distribution of electricity and the production and distribution of thermal energy for district heating. In addition, due to its expertise in the field of technological services, facility management, energy planning and consultancy are Iren Energia additional core activities.
Among the energy services provided, IREN Energia gives its support in exhibitions and events where it is needed a temporary rental power, cooling and heating solution. Regarding these purposes, IREN Energia is experienced in:

  • the selection of the appropriate solution (diesel generator, medium voltage generator, ecc…) in terms of power output capacity, fuel consumption, soundproofing level, ease of maintenance and environmental concerns;
  • the design of the temporary plant considering the integration with the already installed power systems / in parallel to the grid connection, or the design of a stand alone power generator;
  • the installation of the generators and the operation service (ordinary and emergency maintenance)
  • the evaluation of level of noise, emergency plan and fuel management.
    This is a list of some events, organized in the last two years, where IREN Energia took part for the installation and operation of temporary power generators:
  • 3rd World Forum of Local Economic Development 2015;
  • Ostensione della Sindone, 2015;
  • Torino Jazz Festival, 2016;
  • Classical Music Festival, 2016.
    IREN SpA (Max EU Contribution 7875,00 €) and IREN ENERGIA (Max EU Contribution 31938,00 €) will be involved as linked third parties supporting ENVIPARK in:

– WP3_ Demonstration and Monitoring, as energy expert in temporary events

– WP5_ Business Models, Regulatory Framework and Route for Replication, mainly with an support activity to Envipark.



ACCIONA third party

ACCIONA Construcción has a collaboration framework agreement with the Fundación Agustín de Betancourt (FAB), setting a stable and permanent cooperation in scientific and technological issues for the support at the implementation and execution of national and international R&D projects at which ACCIONA Construcción participates. In the context of this collaboration agreement, FAB makes available to ACCIONA seconded researchers, on a project-by-project basis, to support the technical and scientific execution of the works to be carried out in ACCIONA’s R&D projects, which work in ACCIONA premises under its direct supervision. Fundación Agustín de Betancourt is a cultural Foundation with private and permanent character, Spanish nationality, non-profit and public interest, with legal personality and full legal capacity to act. It was created in 1977 in the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) under the impulse of four engineers interested in promoting research, innovation, technology transfer and collaboration between universities and industry. Since its constitution and in accordance with its statutory objectives, the Foundation has cooperated with the University in fulfilling its foundational objectives: promote and develop fundamental and applied research, technological development and innovation.
FAB will be involved in WP1,2,3,4,5,6,7 for a eligible costs total amount € 63,000.00
Table 10: Third parties involved in the project – ACC

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